Gelfling Adventure

Making of

Based on a Story by

Jim Henson

Graphics director

Jim Mahon

Graphic artists

Carl Potts
Michelle Prichard
Greg Rowland

Dark Crystal Map Created by

Bruce McNally

Title Screens by

Christopher Cerf Associates

Programmed by

Al Lowe

Text and Educational Concepts by

Mike MacChesney
Rae Lynn MacChesney

Edited by

Christopher Cerf
Louise Gikow
Sheila Kinney

Project Manager for Henson Associates

Sheila Kinney

Project Manager for Sierra On-Line

Bonnie McLeish

Special Thanks to

Mary Ann Cleary
Michael Frith
Donna Bass
Nan Edwards
Carolyn Kalett
Maureen Ruddy
Harriet Yassky
Mark Crowe
Denice Prusek