After Dark Classic


After Dark has been the world's #1-selling screensaver since its initial release in 1989. Now you can own a part of this groundbreaking series with this classic collection. After Dark Classic contains all the best After Dark displays, featuring such pop culture icons as Bad Dog, Boris, Mowin' Man and the infamous Flying Toasters. It's never been more fun to save your screen!

After Dark Classic includes al of the features that made After Dark the world's #1-selling screensaver:
- Animated displays: A fun and entertaining way to prevent phosphor burn-in from damaging your monitor.
- Password protection: Keep your files safe and confidential.
- Randomizer: Select your favorite displays and play them in any order.

After Dark Classic contains the following animated displays:
Bad DogMountains
BogglinsMowin' Man
Clocks 3.0Puzzle
Fish ProRandomizer
Flying Toasters ProRat Race
Flying ToiletsRose
Geo BounceSatori
GlobeSlide Show
Lunatic FringeSpheres
MarblesStained Glass
MessagesYou Bet Your Head
Modern Art

Among these modules are two playable games: After Dark's first game Lunatic Fringe, first released in 1991's expansion pack More After Dark, and You Bet Your Head, a fun little quiz show.

After Dark Classic was first released by its developer Berkeley Systems in 1995. After Sierra acquired Berkeley Systems in 1997 they re-released it in 1998, along with several other After Dark compilations under their Sierra Attractions portfolio. One missing feature that was present in older After Dark releases is the MultiModule mode, allowing to run several modules simultaneously.

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