William (Bill) R. Shockley

Easter Eggs

Leisure Suit Larry VI: Shape Up or Slip Out (Egg id: 147)

Dial the following numbers on Larry's phone in his hotel room:
- 911. They ask to leave a message.
- 976, followed by 4 random numbers (eg. 976 1234) to access La Costa Lotta's sex line.
- 18724## (lo-res) or 683-4468 (any): Mark "Ceeburp" (referring to Mark Seibert) answers the phone of Sierra On-Line while the song "Girl in the Tower" (jokingly called "Girl In The Shower") from King's Quest 6 plays in the background.
- 16659## (lo-res): Victor Sadauskas answers the phone.
- 23292##: Al Lowe answers
- 275####: William R. Shockley answers.
- 34555##: Dan Woolard answers.
- 47653##: The Sadauskas Residence answers
- 5695### (lo-res) or 49852## (hi-res): Chris Carr answers.
- 58704## (lo-res) or 40942## (any): Carlos Escobar answers. Same as the "Concierge's Desk", but with a greeting "You've reached the Fresno Insult Line" in lo-res, and "Carlos Insult Line" in hi-res.

Space Quest VI: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier (Egg id: 107)

Stooge Fighter III

If you play Stooge Fighter III on the birthdays of three programmers, the names of the stooges will change. The following birthdays work:
- Michael Lytton April 11th
- Steve Conrad January 3rd
- William Shockley December 29th

Space Quest VI: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier (Egg id: 34)

Marriage proposal

Among the many movie titles on the Polysorbate Theater-marquee, one reads "MICHELE ALESHIRE, WILL YOU MARRY ME?". Michele Aleshire was William Shockley's fiancee. They got married a short time after Space Quest 6 was completed.