Conquests of the Longbow: Legend of Robin Hood

Easter eggs

Easter Eggs in Conquests of the Longbow: Legend of Robin Hood

Egg id: 234

The fair in Nothingham is full of cameos and references.

Screen 2:
- The woman in the green dress on the top center, named Mistress Hayasher (referring to programmer Yoko Hayashi), says "I would dearly love some raw fish and rice."
- The person in orange clothing, sitting near the fence, named Morgan Creek, says "5 marks for a piece of Sir Kevin's leather, and no sniffing allowed in the vicinity.". Morgan Creek Entertainment was the company that produced Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Sir Kevin could also be a reference to Kevin Costner, who played Robin in that movie. (thanks to Graham Fielding for pointing out the Morgan Creek reference).
- On the bottom right you can find Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, a.k.a. the Two Guys from Andromeda, a.k.a. the designers of the Space Quest series. When talking to Mark (on the right), he says "Look at this place! They don't use janitors here. A sanitation specialist would die from breathing the air.", to which Scott replies "But they have lots of guys named Roger. They're all over the place." and "I can see it now - Roger Wilco Meets Robin Hood! Olde England Plunges to new Depths of Excitement as.." and Mark interrupts "You're not convincing me." When first talking to Scott (on the left), he says "Think of the potential' 'Two Guys From Nothingham' has a real ring to it." to which Mark replies "I don't know. Lacks a little something.". Scott continues "We can wear funny codpieces where they belong instead of on our faces!" and Mark replies "You're not convincing me."

TAGSYoko Hayashi, Scott Murphy, Mark Crowe

Egg id: 235

The fair in Nothingham is full of cameos and references.

Screen 3:
- The sad fellow sitting against the fence at the bottom right, named Lance Notalot, says "I wanted to be a hero, but my quest for glory had a tragic end.", referring to Quest for Glory 1: So You Want to Be a Hero.
- At the left side of the pharmacist sits Christy Marx, the designer of the Conquests series. Talk to her and, after congratulating you for finding her, she starts messing around with your game points (but in the end leaving them as they were).
- the man in orange on the right side above the fence is animator Jerry Moore. He says "Listen to what part of this text says, 'Move thy rodent and as thy rodent moves, so moves the symbol thou hast chosen. Bring thy chosen symbol to rest upon a person or object, then clicketh thy finder upon the rodent to bring forth the response of the symbol'. Can you say what it means, yeoman?"
- the group of gamblers on top of the screen are the bulk of the game programmers. There is Mistress Goff (Cynthia Goff), Robert of Fischbach (Bob Fischbach), Sir Brian De Hughes (Brian Hughes), Robert of Mallory (Robert Mallory), and Todd Powers.
- The woman top center in the blue dress, Mistress Baker, listening to the doomsayer, is programmer Vana Baker.

TAGSQuest for Glory 1 (EGA): So You Want To Be A Hero (a.k.a. Hero's Quest), Christy Marx, Jerry (Gerald) Moore, Cynthia L. Goff Swafford, Bob Fischbach, Brian K. Hughes, Robert L. Mallory, Todd Powers, Vana Baker

Egg id: 236

The fair in Nothingham is full of cameos and references.

Screen 4:
- The man selling mysterious objects at the upper left of the screen says "If you wish to know more, you must seek out a sage man, such as Kenn of Nish or Alfred of Roughton." Ken of Nish refers to art designer Kenn Nishiuye and Al Roughton is an animator/artist of the game.
- The man at the cider barrel is named John Chapman. It is most likely a reference to the John Chapman who produced Chapman's Map of Nottinghamshire in 1774, the earliest printed map at a sufficiently useful scale.

TAGSKenn Nishiuye, Al Roughton

Egg id: 237

On day 9, after evading the sheriff's men, go to the cobbler in Nottingham (there will be pigs this time). A fly will appear on the screen (it may take several times of entering and exiting before it appears). If you look at it, the game says "Look! A bug in out game!" (with a typo). If you use the hand icon on it, the fly will be squashed on the screen and the game will say "Next time, use a flyswatter. This makes such a mess on the screen."

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Egg id: 238

When you have followed the whisps and reached the monastery tower, save the game, and go one screen left with the boat. Normally the monks will throw a boulder at you, but every now and then they throw a pig instead. Both kill you.

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Egg id: 23

Blow the horn over and over again (save beforehand and restore each time) and at one point a bubble will come out of it and float away.

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Egg id: 231

Use the emerald heart on the little figure on the tapestry in the abbey's refectory to see Conquests of Camelot characters have a little discussion.

TAGSConquests of Camelot: The Search for the Grail

Egg id: 232

Dressed as an outlaw, walk right and back again (possibly a couple of times) at the Fens shore for Nessie (Loch Ness monster) to show herself.

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Egg id: 233

The fair in Nothingham is full of cameos and references.

Screen 1:
- On the lower right you'll find Corey and Lori Cole. Talk to Corey and he'll say "Reminds me of Spielburg", to which Lori replies "On a bad day". Talk to Lori and she'll say "Reminds me of the alleys of Shapeir only, well, earthier", to which Corey replies "Where are the dancing women, that's what I want to know." Spielburg and Shapeir are villages in the Quest for Glory series, which they designed.
- Talk to the man near the bottom, hauling wood, and he'll say "I used to be a programmer for Sierra On-Line, but hauling wood is much easier work." His name is Aaron, a reference to lead programmer Richard Aronson.
- The man sitting on the tapestry, named Oswald Oakhurst, says "These fine rugs come from the King's palace in Daventry, auctioned off for but a fraction of their worth." Oakhurst is the city in California where Sierra had its headquarters. The King's palace of Daventry refers to the King's Quest series. The man looking at the tapestries is Mark Hood, asking the vendor "How do I know these rugs come from Daventry?"
- The woman on the upper right in the blue dress, named Mistress Yhalkee (referring to animator Deanna Yhalkee), says "It all looks so wonderful, I hardly know where to start" and "I wonder where the scrumpy cider is?"
- The person on top, standing near the table selling "sturdy blue trousers" is named Hiram Levi. When talked to and Robin questioning the appeal of his wares, he responds "I may yet find a market for them. Time will tell". Clearly a reference to Levi jeans which became the world's most sold clothing item in the late 19th century.
- The pottery vendor, leaning on the fence and ignoring his customers, is named George Bush. When talked to, he says "I'm busy". The person beside him on the other side of the fence, named Daniel Quail, says "A mind is a waste of thing to lose. Nay, uh... To lose a mind is a waste to... Nay,um...". Clear references to the 41st President and 44th Vice president of the United States, George Bush and Dan Quail.
- The boy at the game board at the upper left of the screen is Josh Mandel, saying "I want to design games when I grow up."

TAGSCorey Cole, Lori Ann Cole, Richard Aronson, J. Mark Hood, Deanna Yhalkee, Josh Mandel

Egg id: 227

Try shooting a wood imp. The creature will vanish and a bag will appear. When you get the bag, Robin will become tiny. He'll turn normal again when walking to another screen.

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Egg id: 228

Animals in the game actually reply when you talk to them. Try talking to the widow's sheep, the duck, cat and pigs (day 9) in the cobbler street, the boar and mule at the fair and, yes, even the Loch Ness monster.

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Egg id: 229

Click the hand cursor underneath the wall of Nottingham castle and a catapult will shoot a cow into the village, a reference to Monty Python. This one is a pixel finder, so note the location of the hand cursor.

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Egg id: 230

Look in one of individual monk cells in St. Mary's Abbey for a Leisure Suit Larry reference. The cell changes location, but usually appears to be near the upper right side.

TAGSLeisure Suit Larry III: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of Pulsating Pectorals

Easter Eggs referring to Conquests of the Longbow: Legend of Robin Hood

Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter (VGA) (Egg id: 462)

After escaping the Arcada, press the middle button of the pod to crash land in Conquests of the Longbow, but save the game first.