CATASTROPHE! King Angoulafre has suddenly become as mad as a March hare! How can he be cured? You have to go and seek out the irritable but talented wizard Niak. Only he might be able to find a remedy for this mysterious illness, which has left the court doctors scratching their heads in confusion. Oups, Ignatius and Asgard, three inseparable, daring and humorous goblins prepare to set off in search of the miracle cure. Unfortunately the goblins have never before left the comfortable security of the kingdom and all kinds of terrifying stories abound concerning the characters and animals that live on the other side of the kingdom's boundaries.

Here are some things rumored about the outside: Niak the wizard doesn't like noise and won't open his door to just anyone... at least not unless they pay! Luckily he lives close to a diamond mine. In his absence his ill-tempered dog Ragnarok guards the door. Oddly enough, this strange dog is fond of little birds. It is said that Niak's house has access underground where foul spiders and vile zombies guard the alchemic treasures. Shadwin is an extremely influential old rat that has access to other worlds through doors in his lair. It appears that in a far-flung country there exists a huge floating statue symbolizing serenity, which destroys all evil and regenerates strength. And then there is Gemellor the two-headed fire-breathing dragon whos magic flames have the power to consume even the strongest curses. Even further away in his run-down castle also lives Meliagante, a very sad giant. His castle is rumored to hold a secret weapon which could destroy all evil powers.

The Goblins have to cross these strange countries strewn with plots that they have to overcome by helping each other and by using their particular special talents. Asgard is a warrior who only uses his fists and is strong enough to pull himself up on ropes. Ignatius is a magician who can cast spells, but unfortunately is not always able to control their effects. And Oups is the technician of the group, able to collect and use various items, though he can only carry one at a time. Together they will have to combine their abilities to free the King of his madness and destroy the evil that has consumed him.

Gobliiins, the first of the Goblins series, was developed by Coktel Vision for DOS, the Amiga and Atari ST. In this puzzle-adventure game, the player needs to traverse 22 levels, proceeding to the next by solving complex and unpredictable puzzles. Several actions may harm the goblins, including leaving them in an unsafe place, using incorrect items, or interacting with items with the wrong characters, thus reducing their shared life meter. When the meter runs out, the game ends in defeat.

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