Music extracted with Audiograbber as a single file and then cut to segments with Audacity. There are both background tracks and cut scene tracks. Unfortunately the music and character speech during cut scenes could not be separated, so you'll hear character voices during those music clips (in French, English, Italian, Spanish and German).

01. Intro - The Madness of King Angoulafre

02. Gobliiins Theme

03. Niak the Wizard

04. Fetching a Diamond

05. Scarecrow

06. Scary Theme

07. Statue of Serenity

08. Megalithic Tomb

09. Cut Scene: Niak's Betrayal

10. Cut Scene: The King's Spell

11. Cut Scene: Statue of Serenity

12. Cut Scene: Healing of the King

13. Cut Scene: The Underground Caves