Lode Runner: The Legend Returns

Tech support

Original system requirements (floppy release)

- Intel 386SX or better CPU
- Hard drive with 12MB free
- One 3.5" high density drive
- 16 color 640x400 (VGA) or 256 color 640x400 (SVGA)
- MS-DOS 3.3 or higher
- 2MB of memory
- Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro, Sound Blaster 16, Thunderboard, Pro Audio Spectrum, and other sound boards that are Sound Blaster compatible
- Keyboard, mouse and joystick

- Intel 486SX 25Mhz or better CPU
- Hard Drive with 12MB free
- One 3.5" high density drive
- Windows compatible graphics card (16 color VGA or better)
- MS-DOS 3.3 or higher
- Windows 3.1
- 4MB of memory
- Any 100% supported Windows sound card
- Keyboard, mouse and joystick

- Hard Drive with 23MB free space
- One 3.5" high density drive
- 640x400 256 color, 640x400 256 grey, or 640x400 16 grey
- System 6.0.7 or better
- 4MB of memory
- Macintosh compatible sound
- Keybaord, Gravis Mouse Stick II, and Gravis Game Pad

Running Loderunner: The Legend Returns on modern operating systems

Loderunner: The Legend Returns runs perfectly fine under DOSBox. If you are not familiar with DOSBox, you can use this automatic installer from the SierraHelpPages which works for both the floppy and CD version.