Lode Runner: The Legend Returns


Main menu

Lode Runner Play - Click on the running figure to play Lode Runner levels in their given order, or hit the corner of the icon to select a specific level.

Head-to-Head Play - In head-to-head play, you and a pal battle it out for gold, guts, and glory! Click on the two figures to play head-to-head levels in their given order, or select the corner of the icon to choose a specific level for your head-to-head match.

Play Homemade Levels - Choose the figure with the hammer to play a group of your homemade levels, or hit the corner of the icon to select a specific level.

Load a Group of Levels - Click on the floppy icon to load level sets from disk.

Game Generator - Choose the hammer to create your own Lode Runner levels.

Select the check mark icon to bring up the game options or click the hand icon to quit the game.

Game options

Select the check mark icon in the main menu to bring up the game options. Use this menu to change any of the game's controls. Set the options for a one-player game using the controls on the left, or customize controls for a second player using the panel on the right. In head-to-head play, Jake is joined by Wes Reckless, a fellow bounty hunter dressed in blue. If you play using the default settings, Jake is controlled by the numeric pad and Wes is controlled by the set of keys shown on the right side of the options menu. You can also alter the controls to use a mouse or joystick if available.

Joystick icons - control the game with a joystick.

Keyboard icons - Control the game with the keyboard.

Mouse icons - Control the game using a mouse.

Spiral icon - Reset current option settings to default option settings.

Slider bar - Raise or lower the volume of music and sound effects.

Music note - Turn the music on or off

Speaker - Turn the sound effects on or off

Cancel icon - Cancel this screen, changes are not saved.

Arrow icon - Save changes and return to the main menu.

Use the key control buttons to change the keyboard control settings for your game. Click on the icon whose settings you want to change. Then choose any key on your keyboard. When you punch that key, the number or letter will appear in the window.