Black Cauldron (The)


Since the game does not use a text parser, but applies the function keys instead, bear in mind the following combinations.

Action Key Description
SELECT F3 Selecting an inventory item to use.
USE F4 Using the currently selected inventory item.
DO F6 Picking up stuff, opening doors, interacting, etc...
LOOK F8 Looking at the environment or certain objects

Location Action Points
Outside Dallben's cottage Move Taran up to the door of the cottage, DO to open the door and go in.
Inside Dallben's cottage Move to Dallben and DO. He'll tell you it's time to feed the pig.
Move to the fire and DO to get the food cooking there.
Outside Dallben's cottage Go outside and east to the pen. DO at the gate to open it and go in.
SELECT the pig food and USE it to feed Hen Wen. (alternatively use the corn in the shed). 5/5
Inside Dallben's cottage Move to Dallben and read about Hen Wen's vision and your mission.
DO to open the cupboard and take the knapsack, apple, bread and water flask.
Outside Dallben's cottage Go outside to the water trough, SELECT the water flask and USE it to fill it up.
Move North and West keeping close to the edge of the screen.
Tree hole Move in front of the tree hole and DO to find a lute.
Move two screens north to a briar patch.
Briar patch Find a twisty path through the briars and go leftwards behind the central green bush in the back to find an underground house. 4/9
Home of the Fair Folk Move towards the door and DO to open it. Go inside and deliver Hen Wen. 20/29
DO to open the cupboard at the back and DO to get the cookies.
Go back outside to the briar patch and then a screen or 2 east to find Gurgi (you may have to go in and out of the screens before he shows up).
Gurgi SELECT and USE the cookies (or the apple) on Gurgi and he'll be your friend. 10/39
Go as far east as possible and north towards the bottom of the screen with the waterfall.
Waterfall When you're near a flatish rock that sticks up rather high in the water, SELECT the magic word and USE it. The rock will drop.
Cross the rock and find the entrance to the cave in the east, behind the waterfall (graphics are a bit messed up here). 13/52
Fairy cave DO King Eiddileg to talk to him.
SELECT and USE the lute on him to get fairy powder and a magic mirror. 10/62
SELECT and USE the dust and fly out
Waterfall USE the magic word to lower the rock again and return to the ground.
Go North two screens to the bridge.
Bridge LOOK at the bridge from the side and DO to get the food wallet.
Go 3 screens west to a frightening forest that has a tree with a dagger holding up a "no trespassing" sign.
Frightening forest DO to get the dagger from the tree
Go North 1 screen and West to the Base of Eagle Mountains.
Labyrinth 2 Pass the labyrinth towards the barren tree in the north. 5/67
Barren tree Move up to the tree, SELECT the ROPE and USE it (use keypad to go easily and perfectly diagonal). 5/72
Mountain ledges Get across the ledges by climbing the rock walls. 6/78
Mountain path Pass the mountain path 5/83
Go 1 screen north to the alligator moat
There are 2 ways to enter the castle.
1) Go west (and back) until a cart appears in front of the castle gate. Go to the cart and DO to hide in it. The cart will be taken into the castle walls. DO to exit the cart again.
2) Swim to the other side of the moat, avoiding the alligators. Then climb the wall while dodging the falling rocks and avoiding slippery light-gray stones. SELECT the dagger and USE it on the vines which cover the window.
Inside the Castle (1) We need to get to the cellar. There are 3 ways to do so. 16/117
1) In the barrel room (1 screen north of the castle entrance) go behind the 2nd barrel on the right to see a hole and go down a garbage chute into the cellar.
2) Get caught by a minion and thrown in a cell. DO the cup on the table and USE the cup on the cell door. Eilonwy will rescue you through a floor panel (like in the movie). Don't forget to get your stuff from the closet lateron, which is located 1 screen north of the wine barrels.
3) Go downstairs and east, turn the gargoyle on the wall, and climb down the ladder.
Go with Eilonwy to the far northeast corner of the cellar where four of the stones reach onto the floor from the wall. LOOK at the stones and DO to remove them all. 10/127
Go through the hole into the burial chamber.
Burial chamber Eilonwy will leave through a hole where Tarran can't follow. (If you have Hen Wen, she can escape here too).
Move to the coffin and DO to get the magical sword. 8/135
Go south twice and east where the gargoyle is on the wall next to a ladder. Stand in front of the gargoyle and DO to open a trap door in the ceiling.
SAVE the game and SELECT the sword.
Go up the ladder, move closer to he left of the screen and go North.
Cells USE the sword on the guard (and again when he recovers) any other guard you encounter from here on.
Quickly DO to get the keys on the right wall.
SELECT the keys and USE them on the door in the north.
Fflewddur Fflam DO to free the prisoner. 9/144
SELECT the sword again and go south, west, up the stairs, east (don't forget to grab your stuff out of the closet if you were captured), and then south twice to the drawbridge area.
Drawbridge USE the sword on the drawbridge mechanism and leave the castle. 13/157
Outside the castle Return all the way back to the foot of the mountain. At the labyrinth of rocks, go 2 screens south.
Swamp SELECT and USE the flying dust and go to the center of the swamp. (alternatively cross by jumping on the rocks). 15/172
Witches' house DO the door to open it and go inside.
DO to open the chest.The witches appear.
DO to tell them who you are. SELECT and USE the sword. 18/190
LOOK at the cauldron and wait for the gwythaint to come by and steal it. (You can finish the game with incomplete score by jumping in the cauldron before the gwythaint arrives).
SELECT and USE the flying dust to return to the other shore and return to the castle.
Inside the castle Use the garbage chute in the barrel room to go directly to the cellar.
Go a screen south. SELECT the magic mirror. Enter the door east and USE the mirror on the Horned King. (2) 25/115
From here on, everything is automated. You will end up at the river near your home and the witches will want the cauldron back.They'll offer a warrior's shield, a magical suit of impenetrable armor and finally offer you the sword. Don't accept anything and you'll get the sword automatically. 15/230


(1) If Hen Wen was caught earlier in the game (as occurred in the movie), you'll need to free him first. From the castle entrance, you need to go twice north, west, up the stairs, and twice east, onto the balcony overlooking the Horned King's Throne Room, where his minions are feasting. The Horned King will come in, order his minions out and then Hen Wen is brought in. While Hen Wen is in trance, jump off the balcony, grab her to break the spell, and take off with her. You can throw her off the parapet, or go across the drawbridge or down into the dungeons letting her go out through the hole in the burial chamber either with or without Eilonwy. After escaping the castle yourself, go to the lake next to the waterfall, where pig tracks will be visible. Jump from rock to rock towards the big rock in the middle. The rock will sink and you'll end up in the same Fair Folk cavern as the one behind the waterfall earlier.

(2)You can also enter the Horned King's Secret Burial Chamber from above and watch him resurrect skeletons. If you don't jump off the ledge, Gurgi will show up and sacrifice himself by jumping in the cauldron (like in the movie). At the final scene the witches will then again offer several items for trade: a book with all the knowledge in the universe, a pot of gold from the end of the rainbow and finally Gurgi's resurrection (again, like in the movie). This however will lead to a score of 225/230. To avoid this, jump down from the ledge in the burial chamber before Gurgi shows up and show the mirror to the king.