Police Quest I: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (VGA)


Opening screen

When starting the game, the main menu appears in the opening screen. Click on Intro/Credits to view the intro of the game. The game will automatically start after the intro. Click on Play New Game to start a new game without watching the intro and credits. You can also Restore a saved game or Exit the game.

The menu bar

When you move the mouse to the top of the game screen, the menu bar will appear.

Walk/exit icon: Click on the first icon or right-click the mouse for the mouse pointer to change into a walk icon. Then click on a location on the screen to walk there.

Eye icon: Click on the second icon or right-click the mouse for the mouse pointer to change into an eye icon. Then click on a location on the screen to observe objects, people and so on.

Hand icon: Click on the third icon or right-click the mouse for the mouse pointer to change into a hand icon. Then click on any object or person on the screen to touch, activate or pick up items. Items which are picked up are placed in the inventory.

Talk icon: Click on the fourth icon or right-click the mouse for the mouse pointer to change into a talk icon. Then click on a person on the screen to talk to him or her and get a response.

Current item icon: in the small window, right to the talk icon, is the inventory item which is currently selected. click it or right-click the mouse for the cursor to change into the inventory item and click it anywhere on the screen to use it on a person or item. When no inventory item is selected, this window will be blanked out.

Inventory icon: click on the inventory icon to open the inventory screen.

In this window, you can look at, activate or select inventory items. You can also combine inventory items, for example by using the batteries on the flashlight. To select an inventory item, click the select icon (the arrow icon), then click on the desired inventory item and then click "OK" to return to the game screen. The selected inventory item will be displayed in the menu bar. You can also combine some inventory items, for example the pen with the notebook to write a speeding ticket.

Settings icon: click on the icon with the slider bars to display the game control panel.

In the control panel, you can save, restore, restart or quit the game. You can also change various settings, such as the detail (though that make no difference when playing in DOSBox), game speed and volume. By clicking on the HalfDome icon, you see information on tech support and game credits.

The final window on the toolbar displays your current score out of a total of 225 points. See the text walkthrough with point list for a complete breakdown of the points.

Driving the car

Sonny will drive 3 different vehicles in the game, but the controls are all the same, except that only the squad car has a siren. When working for the traffic division, Sonny must use the squad car. When working for narcotics, Sonny must use the white unmarked car, and when off duty Sonny will drive his own blue Camaro. Each of the vehicles has its own key.

The Lytton City map, shown in the left window, is divided into four quadrants. When you exit the police station, you will be in the lower right-hand quadrant. The map will always display the quadrant you're presently in. From time to time during the game, the dispatcher will notify you to go to a particular destination. At other times, you'll have to cruise for a while (that's what traffic patrol is all about) or figure out where you're supposed to go.

Your car is the flashing rectangle on the map (currently located underneath the highway on the lower left). It shows where you are at all times. You can also figure out what individual buildings or roads are by clicking your eye cursor on the streets and buildings on the map.

The three arrow controls on the bar just above your dashboard are your turn signals. If you click your hand cursor on the right signal, at the next corner you will automatically turn right at a safe speed. The left signal works the same way. If you wish to go straight, click on the straight arrow (after making a turn, the direction will by default return to the straight direction).

Sometimes you will see a stop sign appear on the middle bar above the dashboard. This stop sign means you MUST come to a stop at the intersection you're currently headed for. To come to a stop, approach the intersection at 15mph or less. Your car will automatically come to a stop. To continue on, click the hand cursor on a direction and then click the hand cursor on the gas.

The brake and gas pedals are located right next to the turn signals above the dashboard. To increase your speed, click the hand on the gas pedal (the pedal to the right). To decrease your speed, click on the brake. Your maximum speed is 55mph.

The siren can be activated anytime you're in the squad car. The switch is located below and to the right of the steering wheel. click your hand on it to activate the siren. Click on it again to turn the siren off. Only the squad car has a siren. When the siren is on, you can travel at 65mph and pass through any intersection without slowing down, including the stop intersections. You MUST also use the siren to chase offenders. When an offender drives past you, turn on your siren to catch them. If you just drive on without the siren, the offender will get away.

You will not need to use the steering wheel, ignition or radio microphone. As long as the keys to the car are in your inventory, you can drive. As long as you have the radio extender in inventory, you can contact dispatch when necessary.