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Tech support

Original System Requirements

To run AASS: Golf, the following minimum software and hardware is required:
- An IBM-compatible computer with a Pentium 60 MHz or better processor.
- 16 MB of RAM.
- 20 MB of free hard drive space.
- Windows 95
- An SVGA graphics card and SVGA color monitor (640 by 480 pixel resolution in 256 colors).
- A 2X CD-ROM drive.
- A mouse or other pointing device.

The following hardware and software is strongly recommended:
- Pentium 90 Mhz or better processor.
- 32 MB of RAM.
- 45 MB of free hard drive space.
- A video card supporting 1024 by 768 pixel resolution in 16-bit color.
- A 4X CD-ROM drive.
- 16 bit sound card or better.

AASS: Golf supports 9600 baud modems (or higher) and network cards for remote multiple player play.