Front Page Sports: Golf



Press any key or click on the screen with your mouse to dismiss the introductory movie.

Quick Start

The Quick Start option will allow you to skip the setup windows and begin playing immediately. It starts a new round using the setup options from the last game that was played. Two default players are shipped with FPS: Golf so you can utilize Quick Start the very first time you load the game.

Starting A New Game

After selecting Start New Game from the signpost in the Main Menu window, the game customization windows will follow. These windows provide an interface to setup the round and select players for a game of golf. The setup windows that follow include the following information:
- Game Type: With this option, you can choose to play on a single computer, or play remotely over a LAN (local area network) or the Internet, or via modem.
- Game Settings: These options include selecting the course conditions, weather conditions, number of holes to play, and the type of play.
- Who's Playing: This is the interface for creating, editing, and deleting players. This interface is also used for adding and removing players for a round.

The setup screens are in a wizard format (Back-Next dialogs). There are several screens in the wizard. The choices you make within these screens will take you to additional sub-screens. Make your selections, then click either Back, Next, or Cancel to continue. Back will take you to the previous screen. Next will take you to the next screen. Cancel will return you to the Main Menu screen. Clicking Play Golf from the Who's Playing screen will start the round of golf.

Replay Shot

This brings up a dialog box with the current directory of all the shots you have saved while playing FPS: Golf. Highlight the shot you want to replay. Press the Replay button to accept or press Cancel to return to the current window. Note: You may not replay shots that have been saved on a course you don't have.

Resume A Previous Game

Saved game files are saved as .GLF files. These files can be opened by selecting Resume Game from the signpost in the Main Menu window. You can also double click a .GLF file directly in Explorer to launch FPS: Golf and start the saved game. A dialog box will open with the current directory. Select the game to be resumed. Press the Resume button to start the saved game or press Cancel to return to the current window.
Note: If a game was saved after taking a stroke, but before Continue was selected, then the game will be resumed as if Continue was selected.
Note: If a player has been deleted, he or she will remain in saved games and can be restored by selecting Save Player To File from the Action menu.

Practicing Your Game

The Practice Area allows you to practice drives, chips, and putts on the actual practice facilities of the selected course and on any hole on the course. These areas allow drops on any playable terrain, so you can setup whatever shot you need to practice. You will first be presented with a dialog box that allows you to select the course on which you will practice.

There are four kinds of practice areas:

Driving Range: The driving range allows you to continually hit balls. You have the option to follow the ball or try the shot again. There is no hole on the driving range so you can drive throughout the course.

Putting Green: The putting green has several holes. One is automatically selected and you can practice putting into that hole. You have the choice to follow the ball, or try the shot again. When the ball is in the hole, a new hole is then selected.

Chipping Area: The chipping area allows you to continually hit balls from bunkers or just off the green. You have the option to follow the ball or try the shot again. There is no hole on the chipping area so you can chip throughout the course.

Course Hole: You may select any hole on the course and practice that hole again and again. Click Next to bring up the Who's Practicing screen, or click Back or Cancel to return to the Main Menu screen.

The Who's Practicing screen is explained in detail in the "CREATING AND EDITING PLAYERS" segment. You will only be allowed to Add one player during practice. After making your selection here, click Play Golf to begin practice, click Back to return to the Practice Area screen, or click Cancel to return to the Main Menu screen.