Mixed-Up Mother Goose (Roberta Williams') (VGA)

Packaging & content

Mixed-Up Mother Goose VGA was initially released on floppy and followed up by a multimedia CD-ROM release. The CD-ROM version came with two CDs - a blue and red CD-ROM. The red disk is for users who have a CD-ROM player with audio capabilities. For users with older CD-ROM drives that do not have sound capabilities, the blue disk is the one to use. Sound and voices on the blue disk are digitized and require a sound card that can reproduce speech like the Sound Blaster or Disney's Sound Source. The CD audio on the red disk is superior to the digitized version, but the digitized version does have one more added feature. Because digitized speech takes less room on the disk, Sierra was able to put four foreign language versions on the blue disk. Jack Be Nimble and his fellow goosers speak in French, German, Spanish and Japanese, as well as English. The foreign voices were done by professionals, not Sierra employees.