Mixed-Up Mother Goose (Roberta Williams') (VGA)


Mixed-Up Mother Goose is an adventure game designed for children ages 3 and up. Over 44 delightful screens and many animated characters await your child as he or she becomes part of a fantasy come true. Eighteen of Mother Goose's most beloved rhymes are represented in beautiful 3-D graphics and animation.

Your child must help Mother Goose complete her mixed-up rhymes by locating the 18 missing characters and objects and bringing them back to their rightful owners. Your child will find all of the missing items by traveling throughout the fantasy world of Mother Goose.


When starting the game, the main menu will appear. The main menu menu allows the player to view the game credits, start a new game, continue a saved game (if available) or exit the game.

Starting a new game

When starting a new game, the player first needs to select one of the available characters and insert his or her name. Note that a name cannot be used if a profile with that name already exists.

Restoring and saving a game

When continuing an existing game, simply select "Old Game" in the menu and select the profile you'd like to continue playing. Once a player has completed the game, it will disappear from the saved profiles (unlike in the EGA releases of the game where the profiles remained available for loading despite having completed all tasks, rendering them useless).

Mixed-Up Mother Goose VGA has no manual save feature. Instead it auto-saves each time a player has return an object to its rightful owner.

Game interface

Mixed-Up Mother Goose VGA features a whole new game interface from its predecessors.

The stop sign to the right of the main window is to exit the game.
The slider bars below it are to adjust the walking speed and the volume of the background music.

At the bottom of the screen, you can see how many of the 18 items or people you have retrieved so far - receiving a golden egg for egg.
You can also see which item or person you're currently holding, if any.

A new feature of Mixed-Up Mother Goose VGA is the map. Click on it to see which characters have been and still need to be returned their items. Those that still await their item are represented by a golden egg on the map. You can click on the characters who's items have been returned to hear the rhyme again.

To communicate with other characters, click on the mouth icon. Characters speak both in words and pictures, so children of all ages will understand what he or she is looking for.

To move your character around, you may use either a mouse or the arrow keys - both control the on-screen cursor. When you move the cursor to a border of the screen it will change into an arrow, indicating which direction you can go. To enter places in the game, such as the king's castle, walk up to the door and it will open automatically.

Getting/trading objects

When you approach an object that can be used to complete one of the rhymes, it will automatically be picked up. Your character can only carry one object at a time, which is displayed in the upper right box of the game screen. If you pick up an object while already carrying another object, the object you were carrying will be dropped on the spot and stay there.

If you approach a person while carrying the object needed to complete the rhyme, you will automatically use that object, your inventory will be empty again, you receive one golden egg and the game is auto-saved.