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The game features more than 25 of the 40 regular drivers in the 1994 NASCAR Winston Cup season. Notable absences included Dale Earnhardt (who would go on to win the Winston Cup that year), Bill Elliott, Dale Jarrett, Kyle Petty and Darrell Waltrip, although the latter's brother, Michael, was included.

The game lets the player race with up to 38 other cars (32 on shorter tracks like Bristol and Martinsville) and it also offered multiplayer action via direct links (one computer connected to another via a LAN) and also through an online system owned by Papyrus called Hawaii.

NASCAR Racing,developed by Papyrus Group, was first released in the fall of 1994 for DOS personal computers by Virgin Interactive Entertainment and included nine painstakingly modeled actual Nascar tracks. After its initial release, Virgin Interactive then released the Nascar Racing Track Pack expansion, adding seven more Nascar tracks to the game, namely Charlotte Motor Speedway, Dover Downs International Speedway, Pocono Raceway, North Carolina Motor Speedway, Richmond International Raceway, Sears Point Raceway and North Wilkesboro Speedway. After Sierra On-Line acquired Papyrus Group in late 1995, it re-released Nascar Racing, combining all 16 tracks together. Papyrus did produce a Daytona track only for use exclusively at a fan simulation game at the Daytona USA museum.

The CD-ROM version of the game also offered a SVGA graphics mode which was accessible through the command prompt (by entering "nascar -h"), but it was too demanding for many of the computers of its age, mostly 486 and early Pentium PCs. In 1996, Sierra also released a PlayStation version of the game where player races as a rookie in the number 96 Papyrus car.

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