Nascar Racing



Everything is assessed from this master menu. To select an option, use the up and down arrows to highlight a choice and then press the enter key. Or, alternately, use the joystick to move the bar up and down and press fire to select. To work your way back through the menus, just hit the Escape key. Note: you can also press Escape during a race, to return to the options menu. The menu selections are summarized below.

Single race
Enables you to compete in a race on the track of your choice. After you've chosen a track you can do battle with the other stock cars in practice, qualifying and race sessions.

Championship Season
If you think you've got what it takes to win the Season Title of Nascar Racing, then here's where to start. Each race is contested in the actual order that the Nascar association use. However, the schedule will only take into account those tracks that you've installed on your computer.

Preseason testing
Make use of unlimited private test time on the track of your choice. Hone your driving skills to the maximum without having to worry about other cars. This is the best place to start if you just want to practice.

Multiplayer Race
This option enables you to race against a friend. You'll need either a modem or a null modem cable (direct-connect lead).

Driver Info
This option enables you to personalize your car, enter your own details and check out the competition.

Customize the game's technical variables to your satisfaction. Graphic details, sound, realism options, joystick calibration and frame rates can all be tweaked from this option.

Surprisingly enough, this quits the game, drops you back into DOS and lets you get on with all those scintillating jobs such as cataloguing your personal collection of wombat dung.

Note to mouse users
This game does not include mouse support. You won't be able to select menu items or drive the car using the mouse - instead you'll have to use either a joystick or the keyboard. You will however, need a mouse if you're going to use the Paint Kit option to personalize your motor.


If you don't want to get involved in a championship season, and just fancy a quick, frantic race, then here's where to start. After selecting a track of your choice, from here you can tune up your stock car, get some practice time in or watch yourself on replay.