Island of Dr. Brain (The)

Easter eggs

Easter Eggs in Island of Dr. Brain (The)

Egg id: 396

Frank references

There are several references to "Frank" in the game, which could possibly be programmer Frank Roan.

The first is wen you just arrive at the island. Click the right statue and a fly will shortly appear until it gets eaten by the statue. Looking at the fly (if you manage fast enough), you'll get a message: "This appears to be your ordinary housefly, wearing a tiny white T-shirt which says "I fly for Team Love Squids!". Using the hand icon on the fly (again, if you're fast enough) will give the message: "Oh please let me go! I'm just a harmless fly named Frank, and I promise not to bother you. Dr. Brain told me I would be safe here... By the way, you haven't seen any spiders around, have you?"
According to the game script, there is also a spider by the name of Christine in this scene, looking for Frank to invite him for dinner.

The second Frank reference is at the mountain top where the native huts are. Looking at the radio dish on top o the native hut multiple times, Frank will respond at some point.

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Egg id: 397

Ecoquest reference

At the flamingo lagoon, use the hand icon on the star fish for an EcoQuest reference.

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Egg id: 398

Apple Computers reference

In the native hut, look at the computer for a clear reference to Apple Computers, with the guys named Steve obviously referring to founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

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