Island of Dr. Brain (The)

Tech support

Original game requirements

- MS-DOS 5.0 or greater
- 386 or better
- 2x CD-ROM
- 2 MB RAM
- 4.5 MB Hard drive space
- SoundBlaster & AdLib, Pro Audio, Pro Audio 16, Roland MT-32, Sound Source or General MIDI
- Mouse

Running Island of Dr. Brain on modern systems

Island of Dr. Brain works without a problem under DOSBox.

"Unable to initialize your audio hardware"

On starting the game you get the message: Unable to initialize your audio hardware.

Play the game in DOSBox. By playing your game in DOSBox, you can avoid this and other timer problems. Even the Windows version can be played in DOSBox if you install Windows 3x in it, first. Back when computers came with a "Turbo" switch (a sort of speed switch,) Sierra's workaround was to turn off the Turbo switch to start the game, after which you could turn the Turbo back on. If you have your cycles in DOSBox set too high, you may still encounter this problem. You can mimic the turbo switch solution by lowering your cycles (Ctl+F11) before starting your game. You may raise the cycles back up after the game starts (Ctl+F12).