King's Quest: Mask of Eternity


Activating console mode

To activate console mode, press shift-ctrl-7 while in the game. Once you are in the console you'll see a prompt asking for your password. You can ignore that since there is no password. Here you can type the codes. The codes, listed below, are case sensitive. You won't be able to control the game until you hit shift-ctrl-7 to deactivate the console mode again.

The main commands are:
give [item name] [quantity] Give Connor all kinds of stuff. See below.
teleport Place Conner anywhere on the map. Exit the console, bring up the map, which is entirely revealed, and click anywhere (avoid placing him on a place where he'll fall to his death)
noConCollide No clipping mode. Insert "conCollide" to deactivate.
setFirstPerson Setting the perspective fixed to first person view. You can no longer switch with the F2 key. Cut scenes are still in third person.
setThirdPerson Setting the perspective fixed to third person view. You can no longer switch with the F2 key.
listActive Lists all objects and creatures in Connor's immediate surrounding.
Bump Makes Connor move a little bit forward, clipping through objects.
god Turns Connor invincible against enemies, though he can still die from falling, walking in lava and so on. In addition his weapon stats (both melee and ranged) will jump to 1000, and his armor, which then looks like will be 100.
ungod Disable God mode again, also turning the stats back to normal.

Give command

Enter the console mode and type "give [item name] [quantity], to give Connor all kinds of things. Some of these items Connor is not even supposed to have and may crash the game. The items are:

Fists, Dagger, SmallAx, BroadSword, Mace, LakeSword, SkelKingSword, BattleAx, WarHammer, Pike, LongSword, FlameSword, TempleSword
NoRanged, SmCrossbow, AzrielHammer, SmCpndCBow, ShortBow, LongBow, CrossBow, CpndCrossbow, FlameBow, IceCrossbow

These will crash the game:
WeeperEyes, DemonRocks, SkelBow, SlmSlime, WitchBolt, Lava, Icycle, Orcbow, Spear, LucretoFire

NoArmor, LeatherGloves, LeatherArmor, LeatherBoots, ChainMailShirt, ChainMailGloves, ChainMailSuit, PlateMail, BronzePlate, FullArmor, Helmet, TempleArmor, GodArmor, BirthdaySuit (Connor in the nude Easter Egg)

Health & Magic items
Here you can also insert a quantity. For example typing "give Mushroom 100" will give 100 mushrooms. Not adding a quantity will give just one of them. The items are:
Mushroom, Crystal, SacredWater, ElixerOfLife, Clarity, Invisible, Invulnerable, Strength

Other non-inventory items
Rock (you can add a quantity)
SilverCoins (you can add a quantity. Notice that during the game design, they first intended to have silver rather than gold coins)

- Daventry items: Mask1 (or Piece1), RingOfDeadHero, Ashes, Candle, RingOfLight, Scroll, LadyBell, KeepKey, SpellPage, DarkPyramid
- Dimension of Death items: KeyToDeathMaze, Mold, BrokenShield, RustedBrokenShield, Paddle (Lever of Life), Feather, GoodSkull, BadSkull, RoundKey, SquareKey
- Swamp items: HearingHorn, AntiPoisonFlower, GreenMushroomPiece, Ladle, hmhand, Mask2 (or Piece2), UniHorn
- Realm of the Gnomes items: IronLock, OakRoot, LodeStone, CrystalPyramid, BlackDiamond, AmberGlow, ShardFuse
- Barren Region items: BasiliskTongue, FireGem, PipeCap1, PipeCap2, RockKey, Mask3 (or Piece3), StoneOrder, MetalShaft
- Frozen Reaches items: DragonKey, BlueAdamant, JailKey, DecipheringAmulet, Mask4 (or Piece4), IceShard, IceLever
- Realm of the Sun items: Mask5 (or Piece5), TruthKey, LightKey, OrderKey, MarbleTablet0, MarbleTablet1, MarbleTablet2, MarbleTablet3, MaskMedalian, Grail

- Other items:
* RustedLock (in case you return from the Realm of the Gnomes to the DoD, use the lock on the River of Death and give it to the Sylph, instead of the rusted piece of shield. You can then give the piece of shield to the apothecary gnome as an object of iron instead)
* Mask3B, Mask1A, Piece1A (other names for Mask pieces)
* GriffRoomKey (alternate name for the jail key but the sound file is missing)
* GriffCageKey (same as the jail key but in a different color and the sound file is missing)
* ClockShaft (unused inventory item which looks similar but not identical to the square key. It has no description available)
* HookDown, HookUp,SpinningMask, Logo1, Logo2 (These are all non-existing items, resulting in a black inventory slot)

Name Easter Eggs

ruth Shows a picture of a young couple rotating around Connor. Works in Daventry only.
jeffo Provides the line "I'm using Software lightmaps".
leslie Provides the line "Leslie Steiner has verified that this product is year-1000 compliant with all midieval standards."
welch-piel Displays the message "Connor has created a masterpiece and it is on display at his home." Go check out the previously blank painting in his home. Works in Daventry only.
adam Provides the line "Adam's not wearing bumsta numskees"
oscar Provides the line "Woof Woof Woof, Hi Mon!" and shows a picture of a dog rotating around Connor. The picture works in Daventry only.
rocket Provides the text "Connor only uses Stationary Plasma Thrusters, such as the SPT-140 from Atlantic Research Corporation (with Air Force Research Lab testing), for all his spacecraft propulsion needs. Sierra On-Line Inc. in no way endorses, supports, or promotes any spacecraft thruster use, why would they?" and shows a picture of some space machinery rotating around Connor. The picture only works in Daventry.


The following are "Set" variables, and can be used in the script file for permanent usage.

set KQConner::reincarnate true/false (if you die, you come back to life instantly)
set allowAltEnter true/false (allowing to display the game in window or full screen by pressing Alt-Enter)