King's Quest: Mask of Eternity

Tech support

Original game requirements

- Pentium 166+ (Pentium 266+ preferred)
- 32 MB RAM (64 MB preferred)
- 400 MB free hd space
- 4x CD-ROM drive
- DirectX 16 bit sound card - Graphics Acceleration card (optional)

Game freezes after cutscene.

This usually occurs during the following cut scenes:
- when exiting the windmill in Daventry after finding the ax.
- when entering the arms seller in the Realm of the Gnomes.
- when entering the arms seller in the Barren Region.

Although trying to switch from 3rd to first person and/or switching between holding a weapon or concealing the weapon sometimes makes a different, it is not a sure solution. there is in fact no hard solution to this issue. sometimes it occurs and other times it doesn't. It is best to save the game before initiating those cut scenes, so you can restore and try again until it passes through without the freezing glitch.