King's Quest: Mask of Eternity

Easter eggs

Easter Eggs in King's Quest: Mask of Eternity

Egg id: 67

- Drink ale in the tavern in Daventry and Connor will get dizzy for a few seconds.

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Egg id: 68

- Enter the console mode (ctrl-shift-7) and type one of the following names:
* ruth: Shows a picture of artist Todd Bryan's wedding photo, rotating around Connor. Works in Daventry only.
* jeffo: Provides the line "I'm using Software lightmaps".
* leslie: Provides the line "Leslie Steiner has verified that this product is year-1000 compliant with all midieval standards."
* adam: Provides the line "Adam's not wearing bumsta numskees"
* oscar: Provides the line "Woof Woof Woof, Hi Mon!" and shows a picture of programmer David Wenger's bassett hound Oscar, rotating around Connor. The picture works in Daventry only.
* rocket: Provides the text "Connor only uses Stationary Plasma Thrusters, such as the SPT-140 from Atlantic Research Corporation (with Air Force Research Lab testing), for all his spacecraft propulsion needs. Sierra On-Line Inc. in no way endorses, supports, or promotes any spacecraft thruster use, why would they?" and shows a picture of the type of rockets that one of the programmers had worked on as a researcher, rotating around Connor. The picture only works in Daventry.
* welch-piel: Displays the message "Connor has created a masterpiece and it is on display at his home." Go check out the previously blank painting in his home. Works in Daventry only.

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Egg id: 65

- Use a Reveal Potion near Sarah's house in Daventry and click on the red fruit that hangs in the tree for Connor to wear his "Birthday Suit". You can also activate this anywhere else by entering the console mode (ctrl-shift-7) and typing "give BirthdaySuit".

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Egg id: 66

- Climb on the mountain near Sarah's house and you'll find a picture on its top.

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Egg id: 6

- Drink lots and lots of water at one of the fresh water sources (fountain in Daventry, well in DoD, pump in the Swamp, purified cauldron in the Realm of the Sun) and at one point you'll hear a loud burp.

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Egg id: 69

- In the Dimension of Death, click continuously on the large wooden box near the dead warrior. the box will tilt left and right and a person will yell "Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, CAN YOU LET ME OUT OF HERE?!".

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Egg id: 70

- When you have Queen Freesa's Crystal scepter, return to the Sylph in the Dimension of Death and click it 3 times on her. Continue using the scepter on her to hear all of Connor's dirty lines.

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Egg id: 71

In the Frozen Reaches, use the sword on the Snow Nymph outside the palace to talk to her. Do this again with the Nymph on the left of Queen Freesa (from her perspective), Freesa herself, and the nymph on her right (from her perspective). Finally, click on the west wall, on the 7th stone from the entrance corner, 3rd from the bottom. The stone is just beside the hanging banner. A "Where's Dildo" from Leisure Suit Larry 7 will appear in winter clothing. Then the following conversation ensues:
Connor:" What is this strange device?"
Freesa: "That golden fragment... how striking. It must have awesome power. I can sense its vibrations."
Connor: "Thank you, your Majesty."
Freesa: "Your weapon my Lord. Pray... put it away."
Connor: "By my oath, what goes here?!"
Freesa: "The crystal scepter, Sir Knight."
Connor: "Quite a task, your Majesty, but I shall do my utmost. There is a small depression here. Good heavens! A veritable paradise!"

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Egg id: 399

In the Realm of the Gnomes, there is a book beside the gnomic terramancer. Mirror the text and it reads: "SPACE, THE FINAL FRONTIER", "A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY" and "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, HAL?"

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Easter Eggs referring to King's Quest: Mask of Eternity

King's Quest Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember (Egg id: 378)

The Weed Whacker

When Graham first meets Amaya in her store and notices the gardening tool (the weed whacker), he asks "So... I've been meaning to ask... What is that amazing blade for? Is it for battling vicious Were-Bears? How many Ice Orcs has it slain? Does it deal justice? Is it road legal? Is it made of fear?"

The Were-Bears is a reference to the Were-Bear in King's Quest 7 and the Ice Orcs is a reference to the Ice Orcs in the Frozen Reaches of King's Quest: Mask of Eternity".