Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned


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Mosely enters the room
Interested in the manuscript
Snatching the manuscript from Mose
Grace is confused
You didn't, did you?
Jean and Roxanne enter John's room
Wilkes has disappeared
Leaving Wilkes' room
Roxanne enters the supply room
In the supply room
Roxanne blushes
Roxanne unlcoks Wilkes' room
How to handle the situation
Blocking the door of Larry Chester
Lady Howard and Estelle's site
Baza at Poussin's Tomb
Mosely steals the manuscript
Madeline visits Mosely
John's footprints
John Wilkes' body
A letter on John's body
John Wilkes' blood
Madeline steals the manuscript
Grace informs Gabe about the bloodline
Prince James arrives
Who took the manuscript?
Day 3: 12pm - 3pm
I touch the tomb of God, Jesus
Le serpent Rouge
Bucchelli steals the manuscript
Overhearing Lady Howard and Estelle
South-West point
Wilkes' hanky
Wilkes got too close
Removing the rocks
Another note
North-East point
Yet another note
Holy of Holies
Marking the spot
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