Phantasmagoria (Roberta Williams')


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Opening the closet
Carno's wardrobe
A picture of Carno and Malcolm
Carno's face changes on the picture
Looking in the dressing room mirror
Exiting the theater
Entering the reception hall
Don lies drunk on the bench
Chapter 6
The mother of all hangovers
Good morning sweetheart
Adrienne begs Don to leave the house
Don refuses to leave the house
Spazz' belt
Mike needs to finish the phone
Don killed Spazz!
Mike wants to finish asap
Adrienne apologizes to Mike
Evil is here!
There is something in that barrel
Inspecting the barrels
Victoria's corpse in one of the barrels!
Adrienne frightens
A machine on stage
It is an old viewing machine
Adrienne operates the machine
Adrienne watches the show
Show title
The show announcer
Welcome to the show
Stunt announcement
Marie rigs the chair
Marie rigs the machine
Carno distrusts Marie
Gaston watches on the side
The show begins
Admit it!
Marie secures Carno's feet
Go to hell!
A bow before the stunt
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